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How might we reshape the usage of DSLR for professional photographers?

Equinox is a modular camera for professionals. The concept was derived from solving problems of current DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) for professional purposes; Heavy, too many functions, which are unnecessary, bulky, and cumbersome accessories. The concept of using a core part attached with modular accessories for each purpose is made to solve the problem.


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How might we reshape the usage of DSLR for professional photographers?

Based on the research, I divided the use cases into three parts: High ends and multi-functional for art photos, High-ends but mobility for journalism, and a static positioned camera for the studio photo. All of the use cases require high-resolution photos but have different use cases. To fulfill a requirement for all professions, only CMOS sensors that determine the resolution are necessary for every professional. Still, current DSLR cameras contain more than 50 features in average, which are unnecessary for most of the use cases, and this makes the body of the camera heavy and bulky to carry, and complicated menus and buttons. My teammate and I tried to solve the problem by creating a part that contains CMOS sensor works as a core-part of DSLR, and professions can modify functions by mounting necessary components to the core part. The following images represent major use cases for professional photographers.

1. Outdoors & High Performance

Areas of profession

Ecotographer / Documentary photographer / Art photographer / Advertisement (Dynamic portrait photography) / Landscape photographer / Sports

Mounted for Art professions

This version adds an essential grip to professionals like ecologists and able to adds up to additional batteries for professionals who have to work outdoors for a long time. As there are many buttons mounted on the back, professional artists can reach to the features with fewer tasks.

2 Casual & Portability

Areas of profession

Magazine Photographer / Photo journalist / War correspondent  / Semi-professional

Mounted for mobility

This version is for professionals who consider mobility, such as journalists. To reduce the volume of the camera, they can arrange only the essential parts, and reduce weight. The hot shoe is exposed to make the accessory such as flash or microphone easily attached and detached by the specialists.

3. Indoor & Superb Detail

Areas of profession

Studio Photographer / Product Photographer / Portrait (Static) Photographer

Mounted for Quick Access to the photo

Image software can take control of all processes of a camera in the studio, which means they only require for the camera lens and CMOS sensor for a picture. The adapter is compatible with laptops and cameras in real-time. And the photographer can control all the functions with a computer.  The EQUINOX maximizes the utility of peripheral devices by connecting only the adapter and reduce unnecessary parts.

4. Compact & Portable

Areas of profession

Amateur / Professionals who seek for informal but good resolution

Mounted for informal usage

To expand the usage of Equinox, casual and portable style camera can be mounted by attaching an analog type lens and a small grip.

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